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Study In Canada

Do you intend to study in one of the Canadian Universities?

Study in Canada has indeed become a dream come true for most students and equally, it becomes an opportunity in hand when choosing the “Canadian Education System for their undergraduate and master’s program”.

If you are one of those students, who earnestly look forward to studying in a Canadian University, you can instantly start your planning for this endeavor and in this attempt of yours, Aussie Experts Education & Migration can really help you in achieving this!!!!

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It is an overwhelming fact that Canadian Universities have become the preferred destination for students especially for international students as the universities and other educational institutions offer structured education that is of high quality. These universities are also equally recognized in the global market.

Attributes of the Canadian Universities

The reasons for the exponential increase in the students who seek admissions are often attributed to the structured education and high-quality education in the first place and the recognition the student gets after the successful completion of the course.

The other attribute to choose the universities in Canada is the varying benefits the students get during their study tenure is the academic scholarship which also comes with fewer tuition fees which becomes the beneficial factor for students during their formative years.

Aussie Experts Education & Migration comprehensive support towards securing admissions

  •  As a student, if you are quite anxious and desirous to secure admission to Canadian Universities, you can simply bank on us for the same.
  •  We have in-house experts who take the responsibility to take care of the entire process of securing admission for the specific study program for students in Canada.
  •  It’s been years that we have been able to maintain a successful track record to get the admissions for students across the universities and colleges in Canada.
  •  To be more precise, we have placed many students in Toronto and Vancouver cities of Canada.

Added Plus: The expert team is always at your service to give comprehensive guidance on getting hold of the entire documentation formalities to secure the admission procedure for Canada

 The process of study in Canada is as follows.

The first student to be accepted by Canadian universities / Colleges in particular. After choosing the appropriate institution for yourself, you need to apply for admission.

Once admission received, take your letter of acceptance from the Canadian institute to apply for a study permit at your local visa office, this permit will allow you to study in Canada. At the visa office, you will have to provide them with the original letter of acceptance, proof of your identity, and proof indicating that you have sufficient funds to pay for your tuition, living expenses, and return flight.

Canadian higher education institutes generally award the following degrees.

  1.  Certificate Level (One year)
  2.  Diploma level (Two years)
  3.  Post-graduate Diplomas/Certificates (one / two years)
  4.  Master’s Degree (One / Two years)
  5.  M.Phil. Degree (Two years)
  6.  Doctorate or Ph.D. (Four / Seven years)


  1.  University of Toronto
  2.  McGill University
  3.  University of British Columbia
  4.  University of Montreal
  5.  University of Waterloo
  6.  University of Alberta
  7.  University of Calgary
  8.  McMaster University
  9.  Queen’s University
  10.  Simon Fraser University


  1.  Computer Science
  2.  Information technology
  3.  Business Management
  4.  Engineering – all Subjects
  5.  Hospitality Management
  6.  Health sciences
  7.  Communications & Telecommunications Technology
  8.  Hospitality management
  9.  Telecommunications
  10.  Fine Arts

Intakes in Canada and When to apply

The major intake for Canada primarily is ‘Fall’, September. The other intake is in the month of February i.e ‘winter’, Very few institutes might have the May intake as well.

English Language Requirement

TOEFL score required by most universities is 80-84 (internet-based test) for PG courses

Universities and colleges accept equivalent IELTS (No band less than 6 ) and PTE Academic scores ( No less than 50 )

Undergraduate study requirement in Canada

  •  Minimum aggregate marks of 60% in 12th grade for bachelor’s degrees, and above 50% for diplomas and advanced diplomas
  •  Mathematics in-class + 2 ( are prerequisite for some Business sciences, technology, and courses)
  •  Minimum required IELTS/PTE Academic scores with an overall score of 6.0 bands or equivalent PTE scores ( No less than 50 )

Masters study requirement in Canada

  •  Universities in Canada require 16 years of formal bachelor’s degree. Or a four-year bachelor’s degree course likes B.E., B.Tech.
  •  Minimum required IELTS / PTE Academic scores with a minimum score of 6.5 bands as an overall score for PG Diploma and 6.5 bands for a master’s degree. Some universities accept equivalent PTE scores too.
  •  Relevant work experience for MBA OR Master in Information Technology.

Doctorate requirement in Canada:

  •  Master’s Degree required if you wish to pursue the doctorate program

Canada Student Visa – Process details.

A student must meet all the visa requirements of the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations under normal circumstances. The processing time student visa is a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks

Find below the step by step procedure of applying for a Canadian student visa, provided in Aussie Experts Education & Migration has a qualified team to assist the student with visa submission:

  1.  Step 1: Apply for Admission in College/University
  2.  Step 2: Pay Tuition Fee
  3.  Step 3: Pay the GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate)
  4.  Step 4: Undertake Medicals
  5.  Step 5: Visa Lodgment
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