Why Moving to Canada Is Relatively Easier

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Immigration to Canada – Why It Is Easier Than You Think

Immigration to Canada – Why It Is Easier Than You Think

Canada has always been considered a prime destination for people who want to improve the quality of life. The latest change in the Canadian government has resulted in a more convivial attitude towards immigrants. A recent study says that the nation is welcoming 400,000+ new permanent residents in 2021, and the number will increase more in the following years. Therefore, international students and others who want to immigrate to a new country are advised to apply for the Canadian Express Entry program and become permanent residents of Canada within the next few months (typically 6 to 8).

Competent English speakers who have a master’s degree with 2 to 3 years of experience as a manager or a bachelor’s degree with 4 to 6 years of experience as a supervisor can easily qualify for the Canada Express Entry program. Immigrating to Canada is easy compared to other countries. Here is why.

Fewer Time Requirements 

Before being accepted as a Canadian citizen, an applicant had to spend four years in Canada first. However, the latest legislation proposed a one-year reduction in the process. This less waiting time is highly significant for those who want to make Canada their new home.

Express Entry System

Express Entry in Canada is one of the most popular immigration policies introduced by the federal government in 2015. It aims to replace the existing first come, first served process. It is not a typical immigration program, but an online system developed to manage the immigration application intake.

Express Entry has made Canada skilled immigration faster like never before. Applicants who meet every eligibility criteria can submit their online profile, known as EOI (Expression of interest). It handles applications for permanent residence under the following federal economic immigration programs:

●Federal Skilled Worker Program

●Canadian Experience Class

●Federal Skilled Trades Program

Canadian territories and provinces can also recruit employees through Express Entry by using Provincial Nominee Programs. It helps them to meet the growing needs of the local labour market.

Reduced Language Requirements

A significant reform in language requirements makes immigration to Canada, especially for youngsters and adults. People below the age of 18 and above 54 don’t have to pass any language test for arriving in Canada. They do not even have to pass the Canadian citizenship responsibilities test to enter the country. The age range for exemption was between 14 to 64, but now it has turned down to 18 to 54.

Immigration Experts Make the Job Easier

Expert immigration companies have also made the moving process smoother. Aussie Experts Education & Migration is a highly experienced immigration company helping people move into Canada for years. We are proud to have Mr. Praddeep Kumar Dewan as the founder, CEO, and director of our company. Mr. Dewan and his team have successfully assisted more than ten thousand skilled workers & students and improved their chances of migration. We empower every client by providing them proper knowledge and guidance. You can consult us for immigration to Canada. We will make honest efforts to make your move smoother.

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