Guide To Obtaining a Canadian Work Permit from Nepal: Step-by-Step Process and Requirements

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Guide To Obtaining a Canadian Work Permit from Nepal: Step by Step Process and Requirements

Guide To Obtaining a Canadian Work Permit from Nepal: Step by Step Process and Requirements

Citizens of Nepal can apply for a work permit in Canada. The process can be complex, but with the right assistance and steps, you can understand the procedure and can apply for a work permit easily. For a better experience, you can always contact a migration consultant and get detailed information about working in Canada as a Nepal citizen. Also, to understand the process and requirements, reading this blog can help you profusely.

Canadian Work Permit Visa Types

There are two types of work permit visas available for Nepal citizens. You can either apply for a permanent or a temporary work visa.

  1. Permanent work visa 

This is also known as PR, which allows the visa holder to live and work in the country as they wish. This permit is eligible for social services, government-provided healthcare, and more. In order to attain this, it is necessary to secure an offer of employment from an employer based in Canada and satisfy the criteria of either the Provincial Nominee, Canadian Experience Class, or Federal Skilled Worker Program.

  1. Temporary work permit

This is known as the TFW or temporary foreign worker visa. This permit allows you to work in Canada for a particular period, which can be up to two years. This is for the workers who have a job offer from a Canadian employer, and who meet specific conditions like skills that are in high demand in the country. Once the visa permit expires, you have to return to your country.

Furthermore, this work permit isn’t eligible for government-funded healthcare and social services.

Requirements and Steps to Obtain a Canada Work Permit from Nepal

There are a few requirements to apply for a work permit in Canada. Once you have gathered everything, contact your migration consultant to assist you further.

  1. Check The Eligibility– Before you apply for a job in Canada, or start the process, it’s important to check your eligibility for living and working in the country. This includes language proficiency, a valid job offer, and medical examinations.
  2. Job Offer from Canadian Employer– You need a valid job offer from a Canadian employer. You can look for jobs at various online sites and through recruitment companies. Also, contact your migration consultant for this, and they can assist you.
  3. Apply for LMIA- Once you secure a job offer, submit an application for LMIA, which confirms that no Canadian or permanent resident is available for the position and the employer offers equitable working and salary conditions. This process can take months or several weeks, so you need to plan it accordingly.
  4. Proficiency in English Language– You must be proficient in speaking French or English languages, which are the official dialects of Canada.
  5. Security and Health Checks– Security checks and medical examinations are crucial when you are applying for a work permit in Canada.
  6. Necessary Documents to Obtain a Work Permit in Canada

There are specific documents you need to present to apply for a work permit in Canada as a Nepal citizen.

  • A valid job letter from an employer in Canada
  • Work and educational experience certificates
  • Proof of enough funds
  • Police clearance proof
  • Medical test results
  • Biometric details
  • Proof of accommodation in Canada
  • If you are bringing your partner or spouse, provide the proof of relationship.
  • Passport and other travel documents
  • Also, you have to pay the visa fee.
  1. Prepare for Your Arrival in Canada

Once you have submitted everything to the visa officer, they will check the documents and if everything is correct, you can obtain the visa. Contact your migration officer about this process to get better help.

These documents vary on the type of work permit you are applying for. Contact a migration consultant to know more about the documents and process. You also need a social insurance number, which is a nine-digit code, and you can apply for it once you arrive in the country. Furthermore, upon your arrival in Canada, be sure to apply for a health card, which will grant you access to government-funded healthcare amenities. However, this is for permanent work permit holders. Temporary visa holders will not get this facility.


If you are from Nepal and want to apply for a work permit in Canada, it’s important to go through the above-mentioned steps. You can also get better help from a migration consultant, as these professionals give training, prepare you for the move and everything else.

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