Follow a few Steps for Extending Australian Student Visas

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Essential Factors To Know For Extending Australian Student Visa

Essential Factors To Know For Extending Australian Student Visa

In recent times, Australia is considered one of the most popular destinations for international students of the English-speaking world. There are certain factors that encourage the students to pursue their academic careers in reputed colleges and universities of Australia such as cultural diversity, friendly communities, and high-quality education. Obtaining an Australian visa is not enough, students need to extend their student visas before the expiry of their current visas. Their visas can be expired completion of the course for a number of reasons like course deferment, reduced study load, failed subjects, and extension of research application approval. Therefore it is essential to know everything regarding Australian student visa extension

Key Takeaways:

If a student’s visa is expiring before completing his/her course, he/she must submit a new application for a student visa to the department of home affairs in order to complete the course. The government of Australia has laid down rules that every international student has to visit the Australian immigration authority there months before the expiry of their student visas for further extension. Kindly consider this blog worth reading if you would like to know the documents requirements, steps, and factors you need to follow to extend an Australian student visa

Documents Required For Extending Student Visas:

The students need to submit the following documents for an Australian student visa extension. 

  • Copy Of passports.
  • Copy of the previous visa.
  • Confirmation of enrollment.
  • Certificates (If any).
  • Evidence of overseas student health cover policies.
  • Medical examination-related documents. &
  • Essential financial documents required for visa extension. 

Factors You Need To Follow For Extending Australian Student Visa:

#1 Submitting Confirmation Of Enrollment:

It is not possible for you to leave the course mid-way or skip the valuable semesters. Therefore, you should first approach the authority to submit your confirmation of enrollment to apply for your student visa extension. It is a vital document that you have to attach with your student visa application. 

#2 Overseas Student Health Cover & Medical Examination:

To study in Australia,  it is mandatory for you to obtain health insurance coverage beforehand. Therefore to apply for your student visa extension, extend your existing overseas health care policy before the expiration of your current student visa. In order to extend your existing OCHC policy, you have to provide the insurance company with another set of health examination reports. You will be able to extend your health insurance policy if your health records and examination reports are the latest. 

#3 Carefully Submit Essential Visa Documents:

This is another important factor that you need to watch out for. Before the expiry of your current student visa, you should start organizing important visa-related documents. The documents include health examination reports, OCHC status reports, and confirmation of enrollment details. You may also need to furnish some additional documents such as identity proof, birth certificate, passport identity page, household registration page, and your CV. 

#4 Fulfill GTE Criteria:

GTE stands for Genuine Temporary Entrant. It is the most important part of the Australian visa extension. It is a written statement that describes certain criteria such as purpose o entry/study, study duration, benefits, home country circumstances, family annual income, yearly expenses, etc. You need to explain the course structure and benefits to the immigration officer to extend your student visa. 

#5 Carefully Submit Student Visa Application Form:

Now it is time to submit your student visa application. You need to provide the immigration authority with your application details. You can apply online with the department of home affairs. The concerned authority will take cognizance of your application in a while. Once you have submitted your visa application form, the department will provide you with a letter of acknowledgment regarding your filing. 

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