Canadian Opportunity: Food Counter Attendant - A Pathway for Immigrant Success

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Canadian Opportunity: Food Counter Attendant – A Pathway for Immigrant Success

Canadian Opportunity: Food Counter Attendant – A Pathway for Immigrant Success

Planning to move to Canada? If you are, and you have experience as a kitchen staff, it’s a great opportunity to become a Food Counter Attendant in Canada. Contact a reliable migration consultant in India, get the right advice on migration applications, and more. Here are some tips to guide you on how to get a job as a kitchen staff in Canada.

Food Counter Attendant Job Description

A food counter attendant is a service that is employed mainly in the hospitality industry and helps with the serving of beverages and food.

  • Normally, these employees stay on the front line of the customer service team
  • They are often regarded as waitresses and waiters
  • Food counter attendants are also known as hostesses or hosts

Duties of a Food Counter Attendant

  • The staff has to contact the guests and note down their bookings
  • Organize the counters and gate areas and maintain proper cleanliness
  • Comply with the rules, company policies, and processes to ensure the satisfaction of each guest.
  • Check the supply of foods and beverages and the inventory
  • Serve food and drinks to guests according to their orders
  • Prepare hot beverages like hot chocolate, tea, and coffee
  • Accept payments and add changes if required
  • Portioning foods according to the order and packing them.
  • Preparing some food items like slicing or peeling

Skills and Requirements

For Food Counter Attendant Services in Canada, you need a specific set of skills and requirements.

  • Top-notch customer service skills
  • No previous experience required
  • Ability to work fast and efficiently
  • Perfect oral and written communication skills
  • Outstanding time management and organizational skills

Compensation of a Food Counter Attendant in Canada

The salary mostly depends on the type of labor an employee offers. Based on the responsibilities, the salary can be hourly, monthly, or annually. Employees can work on weekends, and have a flexible shift.

The average hourly wage of a food counter attendant in Canada is, $16. Entry-level workers get $26,521 per year, and experienced employees get $42,988 annually.

How To Become a Food Counter Attendant in Canada

To bag a food counter attendant job, you must have some qualities that can deem as an applicant for the position.

  • A high school degree

You must have a high school degree or a GED to apply for this job. An attendant must have proper communication skills from the English classes that will help you do the job seamlessly.

  • Certification

If you have a certification from working as a food handler, it can improve the chances of bagging Food Counter Attendant Jobs in CanadaIt will make your resume look impressive, and you can get a FoodSafe certification to get better opportunities in Canada.

  • Build a solid resume

When you have all the skills, you have gathered and the requirements to apply for the job, it’s time to create a solid resume. Your migration consultant can also help you build this. Write your name, and contact details after moving to Canada. Highlight the skills and experiences you have, and add a good summary of why they should hire you. Enter your educational qualifications, the certificates you have, and so on.

  • Apply for the job

There are various job portals available in Canada, where you can post your resume and search for suitable positions. You can search using the filters, like based on locations, salary, and job timing.

If you already have a migration consultant helping you with the move, they can assist you to bag the job and can train you to grab such opportunities.


You can Immigrate to Canada as a Food Counter Attendant, with the help of a migration consultant or services. These experts can assist you in coaching and instructing candidates on the cultural and professional norms in foreign nations. Read the above points to understand the requirements of this job and get in touch with a reliable migration service.

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