What You Can Do When Your Australian Temporary Graduate Visa Expires?

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What You Can Do When Your Australian Temporary Graduate Visa Expires?

What You Can Do When Your Australian Temporary Graduate Visa Expires?

Australian temporary graduate visas provide foreign students and international career aspirants with an opportunity to study or work in Australia. Temporary graduate visas are also commonly referred to as visa subclass-485. Visa subclass -485 or temporary graduate visas have three major streams; Graduate work stream, post-study work stream, and second post-study work stream. A temporary graduate visa is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any visa applicant and it can be applied only once as the main applicant. There is no option to extend this visa unless you have a partner who is going to apply for visa subclass-485 as the main applicant. In this case, you can apply as a secondary applicant. Let’s take a look at three main streams of visa subclass-485.

    Graduate Work Stream: This stream allows international students who have graduated from universities or colleges with degrees, qualifications, and skills that are relevant to occupations or professions required by Australian employers and workspaces.  This stream allows international students to study and work in Australia temporarily

    Post-Study Work Stream: Post-study work stream provides international students who have recently passed out from an Australian institution or university with an opportunity to continue further study or work in Australia temporarily. 

    Second Post-Study Work Stream: This stream is for those international students who have their first temporary graduate visa in the post-study work stream. This stream allows them to live, study, and work in the country temporarily. 

Benefits Of Subclass-485

If someone wants to migrate to Australia and wants to obtain a permanent residency to work effectively on different factors.

    Work experience: Finding a well-reputed Australian employer can help international students to apply for permanent residence. Moreover, a full-time job can get them temporary graduate visas without any difficulties. 

    Regional visas: Temporary graduate visas or visa subclass-485 provide international students and professionals with an opportunity to find an employer in their preferred regional areas and enhance their chances to get state nomination and become qualified to apply for skilled employer-sponsored visas.  

What To Do Once Your Temporary Graduate Visa Expires?

If your visa expires, you have an option to extend your visa subclass-485 if you have a temporary graduate visa beforehand and the visa expires before 30th September 2022. If you do not want to extend your current visa, you may also apply for other kinds of visas such as a skilled permanent visa, employer-sponsored visa, or a partner visa

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