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Subclass 600 Visa: Things You Need to Know about Before Applying

Subclass 600 Visa: Things You Need to Know about Before Applying

It can be challenging to get an Australian tourist visa. Numerous factors need to be taken into account, including the application procedure, your eligibility, the necessary paperwork, and even how to apply for one. This may seem quite tedious and overwhelming to a novice traveller. Therefore, seeking guidance from a licensed visa consultant is always helpful when you apply for a tourist visa to Australia.

What Is The Visitor Visa For Australia?

Known officially as a short-term travel authorization, the Australian Visitor Visa(subclass 600) enables its bearer to visit Australia for non-essential reasons including tourism and specific commercial purposes. It is merely one of Australia’s tourist visas, to put it briefly.

You are allowed to visit Australia for non-essential reasons, such as tourism, visiting friends, taking a cruise, or related ones, using an Australian Visitor Visa. However, this visa does not permit you to work or receive medical care. However, according to Australia’s Department of Home Affairs, you are permitted to take part in short-term courses with this kind of visa. However, if your intention is to study in Australia, you should apply for a subclass 600 visa.

What Conditions Must Be Met To Qualify For SC 600?

You now have a basic understanding of the visitor’s visa for Australia. We can now walk you through the visa’s current requirements and the application process. You need to determine your eligibility before applying. You must fulfill the following criteria in order to be eligible:

    ● The appropriate authority must be informed in detail about the funds during the application process.

    ● Before submitting an application, personal and physical prerequisites must be satisfied.

    ● No debt should be registered in the applicant’s name or the name of any family member.

    ● You should present all of the necessary documentation for everyone travelling with them.

    ● Must be able to specify the reason for the visit.

    ● The applicant must persuade the immigration officer that they will visit the nation again before their visa expires.

Therefore, it is anticipated that the traveller won’t encounter challenges or hurdles if they have all these details ready.

Who Can Apply For A SC 600 Visa?

Australian citizens and holders of New Zealand passports obviously do not require this form of visa.

An Australian Visitors Visa is available to anyone, unlike Australia’s Electronic Travel Authority Visa. You are qualified for your own Australian Visitors Visa as long as you satisfy the precise visa conditions.

How much time can you stay in Australia on a visitor visa?

Remember that this kind of visa is only valid for a short period of time. You can only visit Australia for a set period of time, unlike with a resident permit or residency visa.

Before deciding on the length of your stay, officials take a few factors into account while issuing your visa:

    ● How long do you plan to remain

    ● The reason you are there

Authorities often have the power to issue visas with 3, 6, and 12 month stay restrictions. However, each situation is examined individually. You can choose the length of your stay when completing the online application. Make sure you have enough proof to back your chosen position.

Can an Australian visitor visa be extended?

Yes, there are a few situations in which you can extend your visa. The majority of travellers won’t be able to extend their visas. Let’s say you want to stay past the time frame listed on your visa. You will then need to apply for a new visa or one of a different kind.

How long does it take to process an Australian visitor visa?

Unfortunately, the Australian Visitors Visa processing period might be lengthy. In order to ensure that you receive our visas in time, you need to arrange our trip even after applying for our visas far in advance. You’ll have to wait a very long time for your visa to be processed. 

The Australian Department of Home Affairs’ expected processing time is as follows:

    ● Within eight months, 75% of applicants will acquire their visas.

    ● 90% of applicants will get their visas within 16 months.

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