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Should You Hire Australia Immigration Consultant For Obtaining Australian Visa

Should You Hire Australia Immigration Consultant For Obtaining Australian Visa

Many people around the world want to move to Australia to avail themselves of many benefits including high quality of life, great education, superior healthcare, attractive work-life balance, and fantastic work benefits and perks from the employer. The visa process for any country is quite confusing and it is always better to take help from professionals. A migration agent provides us with necessary immigration advice and assistance to complete our visa application process. Hiring a migration agent can increase our chances to get our visa approved. If you are willing to create a future in Australia there are quite a large number of visa options available to you. Only a top immigration agent can introduce you to skills-based visas and employer-sponsored visas and assist to meet some basic requirements for skilled migration

How does Australia Immigration Consultant  Help You?

  • ● The Australian immigration consultant can help you complete your visa application.

  • ● They provide a complete guide and assistance to make you understand the dos and don’ts of the Australian visa application process.

  • ● They also help you prepare all necessary documents and paperwork necessary for your visa application.

  • ● They keep a close communication network with the department of home affairs about your application.

  • ● If you hire an immigration company you will get an expert to represent you in your dealings with the Australian government.

  • ● If you are applying for student visas or working visas, they can also provide you with the necessary assistance and competitive courses to secure high scores in exams like IELTS and OET. 

Types Of Australian Visas:

Your purpose of the visit will determine which visa type is best for you as there are more than 100 different types of Australian visas are available at this moment. But in case you would like to move to Australia to build your career in academics or want to start working for an employer here are some of the Australian visa types and subclasses that can help you.

Skills Based Australian Visas:

The government of Australia has introduced a skilled migration program and the purpose of the program is to attract skilled employees for migration to Australia. Skills-based Australian visas are further classified into the following categories:

  • Skilled Independent Visas (sc189): This type of visa is designed to attract invited workers with specific skill sets. 

  • Skilled Regional Sponsored Visas( sc489): This type of visa allows workers to live in a specified area. 

  • The New Skilled Regional (Provisional) (sc491): The new skilled regional visa is also commonly known as Visa sc491 allows the main applicants to stay in a designated regional area of Australia with their family members. 

  • Skilled Nominated Visa (sc190): Skilled nominated visa or visa subclass 190 is designed for skilled workers who would like to work and live in Australia indefinitely.

However, you won’t be able to apply for these visas directly, you will need an invitation letter from the department of home affairs of the Australian government. Therefore, if you are interested to apply for Australian visas under this category, you will need assistance from a reputed Australian immigration consultant who can help you with your application process. 

Employer-Sponsored Visa:

It is another important visa category that allows Australian employers to hire skilled workers and employees with unique skills by sponsoring them. The visa allows skilled workers of a foreign country to work with Australian companies and live in Australia. This visa category is further classified into:

  • Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa (sc482): The government of Australia has replaced visa subclass 457 in April 2017 and introduced a new Temporary Skilled Shortage visa or sc482. Sc482 has two streams, first short term skills shortage stream and second medium and long term strategic shortage stream.

  • Employer Nomination Scheme (sc186): sc186 or employer nomination schemes allow skilled workers who are nominated by their Australian employers to work and live in Australia permanently. 

  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (sc187): Subclass 187 or regional sponsored migration scheme allows skilled workers and employees who are nominated by their regional employer in Australia, to work and live in that region of Australia. 

Take The Help From The Best Education & Migration Consultant In Australia:

Are you planning to move to Australia? If yes, then Aussie Experts Education & Migration can help you accomplish the Australian immigration process. You can take our help to find the appropriate visa subclass and apply for any visa category via Aussie Experts Education and Migration to improve the chances of getting an Australian visa. We have years-long experience in the field of migration and education and have helped many international students to get a student visa. Get in touch with us to know more about Australian visas and their application process.

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