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Immigrate from India

Migration from India to Other Countries

A visa is a type of official document or passport endorsement that certifies you are authorised to enter, depart from and remain in a certain country for a predetermined amount of time or permanently. It could be a unique certificate with a passport stamp on it. After thoroughly examining and validating all of your credentials, the immigration officials of a foreign country issue visas. Once you have a visa, you are able to enter a country and remain there for a predetermined amount of time. Aussie Experts Education & Migration, a premier visa support company, provides highly professional assistance and guidance by top visa consultants in India.

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    What Are Different Types of Visas in India?

    There are various types of visas issued by the immigration authorities of a country. These visas are-

    • Tourist visa
    • Single entry Visa
    • Multiple Entry Visa
    • Business visa
    • Short Stay visa
    • Long Stay Visa
    • Visa on arrival
    • Residence Visa
    • Electronic Visa
    • Work Visa, etc.

    There is a wait period for newly arrived residents before they can access certain Australian Government payments and benefits.

    While multiple entry visas allow unlimited trips to a single nation throughout their validity period, single-entry visas are only good for one visit to a single country. For short-term trips to conduct international business discussions, applicants are granted a business visa.

    A residence visa allows travellers to stay for an extended period of time in a specific nation. However, it does not grant consent for employment in that nation.

    Certificates are not issued with electronic visas. Instead, authorization is digitally logged. A work visa enables you to enter and work for a set amount of time in a given nation. These visas are frequently referred to as work permits.

    There are other subclasses of visas, in addition to the general categories, that are provided by various nations, such as the medical visa, transit visa, working holiday visa, etc. Visas are categorised based on your intended purpose of travel and the process used to issue them.

    How Can You Apply for Your Visa?

    Both online and offline visa applications are accepted. For offline visa applications, you often have to download the form and complete it with the necessary information. You must then submit the completed application form together with all necessary documentation to the relevant visa application centre. The application process for obtaining a visa may vary between nations. Some nations may not accept visa applications submitted in person. Additionally, visa application fees vary from one nation to the next. It is always best to look for a certified visa consultant when applying for a visa since it eliminates the chances of committing errors and increases the chance of getting your visa approved on time.

    What Type of Visa Will do You Need to Visit Australia from India?

    Indian nationals who want to travel to Australia must apply for the Visitor Visa (Subclass 600), which enables them to travel there for either business or leisure-related objectives. Recreation, vacations, sightseeing, and visiting friends and family in Australia are all considered forms of tourism. You cannot sell products or services in Australia while you apply for a tourist visa or work for any company.

    What Are the Requirements for Subclass 600 Visa?

    Candidates must truly want to stay in Australia for a brief time. They must not be travelling to Australia for either business or medical purposes. They ought to have enough money to cover their expenses while they’re in Australia. They should meet the requirements for the public interest, which include morality and physical fitness.

    What Type of Visa Do Indians Students Need to Study in Australia?

    Australia is reportedly one of the most sought-after locations for education, to be more specific. Once the conditions are completed, the application process for an Australian study visa for Indian students is straightforward. For Indian students who want to continue their education in Australia, there are various sorts of student visas available. Every visa type is different and is based on the level of study the applicant is ready to pursue.

    The following criteria must be met in order to apply for an Australia student visa:

    • OSHC health insurance
    • Electronic CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment the institution provides)
    • Evidence of a temporary stay
    • A current passport
    • A letter from the relevant school or organisation
    • Visa cost
    • A form for requesting a visa
    • 4 photographs the size of a passport

    A few more supplementary documents can also be needed, depending on the region a candidate applies from and the institution they plan to attend.

    Canada Tourist Visa for Indians

    Except for countries that are excluded from needing a visa to enter Canada, travellers from India must have a tourist visa. But getting a tourist visa to Canada has never been that difficult. You can acquire a Canada tourist visa both online and offline with the help of registered visa consultants.

    What is a Canada Tourist Visa?

    Visitors who are entering the country for tourism purposes are eligible to apply for a special type of visa from the Canadian government known as a Canada Tourist Visa.

    However, there are two types of the Canada visa, as follows:

    • Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)
    • Permanent Resident Visa (PRV)

    The Canada Tourist Visa falls under the Temporary Resident Visa category.

    The Border Patrol Officers (BPO) are in charge of approving or rejecting this visa before it is issued to a tourist to Canada who does not match the requirements specified by the Canadian government.

    The Canadian tourist visa is typically favoured for travel and holidays spent with friends, family, or other close relatives.

    What Type of Visa is Required for Indians to Study in Canada?

    Canada is a dream school location for countless students and immigrants alike. Students must first overcome a number of obstacles, the most important of which is the Canadian Student visa.

    Fees for Canada Student Visas

    For a Canada Student Visa, a payment of $150 CAD is necessary. You may be able to pay this fee online in Canada, depending on your specific situation. When applying for a Canada study visa, students must first submit the results of a medical checkup.

    What Documents Do Indians Need for a Canada Student Visa?

    You will typically require the following to apply for a Canada Student visa from India.

    • Genuine Passport
    • Certificates for grades 10, 12, and graduation that have been attested
    • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
    • Awards for extracurricular accomplishments
    • A confirmation of enrollment from your school
    • Evidence of payment
    • English Proficiency
    • Financial justification
    • Passport-sized pictures

    Prior to your application, your institution will inform you of any additional criteria.

    How Can We Help?

    Aussie Experts Education & Migration works with highly professional and certified visa advisors who can help Indians with their visa requirements. Whether you are willing to study, work or visit Australia or Canada, we can help you get your visa approved on time depending on your visiting purposes.


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