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How Student Visa Services For Australia Can Help You Deal With Temporary Graduate Visa Expiry: Visa Subclass-485?

How Student Visa Services For Australia Can Help You Deal With Temporary Graduate Visa Expiry: Visa Subclass-485?

An Australian temporary graduate visa is for international students who have completed their graduation program from Australian institutions very recently. Temporary graduate visa or visa subclass-485 allows foreign students to live, work, and study in Australia. There are mainly three streams of Temporary graduate visas; Graduate Work Stream, Post-Study Work Stream, and Second-Post Study Work Stream.

You can apply for a temporary graduate visa or visa subclass-485 only once as a primary applicant. But if you have a partner who finishes his/her schooling in Australia and will apply for visa subclass-485, you can get a second opportunity to apply for this visa subclass for the second time as a secondary applicant. You can take help from professional student visa services for Australia to explore other options. If you do not have a partner, kindly read this blog to know other options available to you after the expiry of your temporary graduate visa. 

Apply For A Skilled Permanent Visa:

If you are a holder of visa subclass-485, you have the same rights and opportunities as a permanent resident of Australia. Therefore, you have an opportunity to obtain Australian work experience by applying for a skilled permanent visa. It is a point-based visa system and based on your age, education, level of English proficiency, etc you can earn enough points to become eligible for a skilled permanent visa. Working on your occupation on visa subclass-485 and studying in Australia can lead you to permanent residency.

Apply For Employer-Sponsored Visa:

In case you are working for an Australian employer under the post-study work stream of your temporary graduate visa, the employer will be quite happy to keep you in the organization for longer. You can ask your employer to help you with your visa. Based on your work experience and occupation, you may apply for an Australian training visa (SC-407), SC-494, or SC-186. Some of these visas are temporary and some of them are permanent in nature. Reputed student visa services for Australia can help you choose the best option for you after analyzing your professional background. 

Apply For A Partner Visa:

If you find your true love in Australia and if he/she is an Australian citizen he or she may sponsor you for a partner visa. You will be glad to know that you do not need to get married to obtain a spouse visa. However, it is important to note that applying for a partner visa or spouse visa is a time-taking and tedious process. Therefore, it is essential to take help from a professional migration agency to complete the whole visa application process. 

Things To Keep In Mind Before The Expiry Of Temporary Graduate Visa:

    ● If you are in a position to reapply for the temporary graduate visa as a secondary applicant, plan 6 months in advance.

    ● You need to make sure that you have completed your graduation from an Australian institution or university and completed your stay in regional Australia for 2 years or more.

    ● It is important to remember that you can not apply for a post-study stream if you have completed your education in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne. 

Take The Help Of Aussie Experts:

If you are someone who is about to apply for visa subclass-485 or your 485 visa is about to expire, Aussie Experts Education & Migration is an expert company that can improve your chances to get your visa approved. You can depend on us to make your subclass-485 visa application process successful or provide you with valuable suggestions or consultations after the expiry of your temporary graduate visa.

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