Australia Visa Subclass407 is Essential for Job Training

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Expert’s Take On Australian Training Visa Application Process: SC407

Expert’s Take On Australian Training Visa Application Process: SC407

In case your student visa is about to expire and you have decided to enhance your skills in your chosen field, you have to accomplish certain tasks in order to obtain suitable job experience. Australian 407 subclass training visa allows foreign nationals and students in the workplace as well as enterprise training programs under the Australian employers. Australian visa subclass 407 is a special kind of visa that allows foreign students and nationals to learn new skills for their professional careers in Australia. 

Training visa subclass 407 is for those foreign students and nationals who would like to enhance their potential as well as knowledge, skills, and abilities of their current profession or future occupation. If you are interested to know this special type of Australian visa, this blog is for you. Kindly read this blog carefully to know the expert guidelines for Australian training visa SC 407.


Australian Training Visa: An Overview:

Australian training visa subclass-407 is a short-term temporary visa that provides foreign nationals and professionals with opportunities to avail of professional experience by working under an Australian employer. Training visa subclass-407 should also be sponsored by an Australian employer. This visa is different from SC-482 where you need to be qualified and skilled. However, you need to fulfill certain working conditions and complete occupational training to upskill in your nominated occupation. 

There are 3 types of occupational training offered by this Australian visa where you can take part in. They include:

    ● Occupational Training Required For Registration: This type of training is for those who need to undertake workplace-based training to get registration. 

    ● Occupational Training To Improve Skills: It is a structured and organized workplace-based training for professionals who want to enhance their skills in an eligible occupation. 

    ● Occupational Training For Capacity Building: This kind of occupational training has 3 main categories; namely, overseas qualifications, government support, and professional development. 

Documents Required For 407 Training Visa:

If you would like to apply for an Australian training visa, the department of home affairs will ask for some documents from you and you must submit those documents to support your subclass-407 application. These documents include:

    ● Your national identity card.

    ● Evidence of change of a name such as marriage certificate or divorce certificate (If applicable).

    ● Proof of your academic qualification such as a graduation certificate or higher secondary certificate.

    ● A copy of your resume or CV.

    ● A police certificate that states you are living in Australia for more than 12 months.

    ● Copy of your current passport with your photograph and personal details.

  • A letter from your sponsor who approves your scholarship application.
  • ● A written statement from your sponsor promising to meet the sponsorship criteria for you and your family members.

    ● Proof of your active health insurance policy that will cover your health expenses in Australia.

    ● Evidence of your English comprehension to participate in the training program in Australia.

    ● Financial documents to support your solvency and ability to support your stay during the training programs. 

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