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Canada’s Immigration Level Plans In 2022: A Complete Overview

Canada’s Immigration Level Plans In 2022: A Complete Overview

The government of Canada will likely announce immigration level plans for 2022-2024 by 14th February 2022. This will be the first immigration level plan since October 2020 and it will contain a detailed overview of Canada’s immigration targets for the current year and the next 2 years. This immigration plan announcement will determine the number of new immigrants the country will seek to welcome under its existing economic, family, and humanitarian class programs. Previously, this announcement usually occurred by 1st November of each year when the Canadian parliament was in session. But the session could not take place in the year 2021 as the parliament was dissolved due to the national election that took place in September 2021. 

Through the immigration level plans for 2021-2023, experts believe Canada is preparing itself to welcome more than 4,00,000 new immigrants each year to support the social and economic prosperity of the country. This is the highest level of target immigrants Canada has ever aimed for. So far, the country has not mentioned reducing the immigrant target during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the new immigration minister, Canada is planning to welcome more skilled workers and immigrants to meet future labour market demand. 

Impact Of Covid-19 On Canada Immigration:

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced Canada to constantly update its travel restrictions. Moreover, the pandemic is causing major application backlogs. It has also forced to shift the attention of the Canadian government to shift its policies to prioritize applicants within Canada. To date, all temporary residents coming into Canada need certificates of their full vaccination against Covid-19. However, the Canadian government has remained committed to its immigration policy objectives, despite pandemics. So far, the government is constantly changing its travel restrictions guidelines and this pandemic is going to have an adverse impact on the number of express-entry draws. 

Express Entry Draws In 2022:

2021 has been a disappointing year for the federal skilled workers as most of them have been waiting to be selected from the express entry pool. For most of 2021, the government of Canada has been holding smaller draws for specific candidates under the Canadian express class and provincial nominee program. The government has been focusing on PNP-only express entry draws to tackle huge application backlogs resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. As Canada has been handling the Covid-19 situations with efficiency, we are expecting to see an all-program draw in 2022. The year is going to witness two immigration level plans from Canada. Under the current plan, the country is preparing to welcome 4,11,000 immigrants in 2022 and 4,11,000 immigrants in the year 2023. However, the figures may be revised after the official announcement on 14th February 2022. And we can expect the 2nd announcement on 1st November 2021 just like other years. (Exception: 2021). New NOC (National Occupational Classification) structure is going to be implemented from 2022 where the immigration applicants will be asked to identify their work experience for getting NOC codes that fit their roles. 

Latest Updates:

On the 19th of January 2022, Canada held a new express entry draw and breaks PNP draw record by inviting 1036 immigration candidates to apply for permanent residents. However, just like the previous draw since September 2021 IRCC this time also only invited PNP candidates citing high CRS score cutoff. In 2022, IRCC has already invited 1428 PNP candidates under express entry. As far as immigration level plans for 2022 is concerned, we can expect effective measures will be taken to tackle express entry application backlogs. 

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