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Canada Skilled Immigration: A Perfect Guide To Become Eligible For Employer-Specific Work Permit

Canada Skilled Immigration: A Perfect Guide To Become Eligible For Employer-Specific Work Permit

Canada is one of the most sought-after multinational countries that welcomes people, migrants, students, and workers from around the world warm heartedly for accomplishing their academic goals or exploring attractive job opportunities. The country offers a number of benefits to the immigrants in terms of affordability, advanced healthcare, and high standards of living. Work permits are issued by the Canadian government for those foreign nationals who like to work in Canada. 

Work permits issued by the Canadian government play a crucial role in Canada’s skilled immigration. The foreign nationals who intend to work in Canada need a closed work permit with or without a labor market impact assessment. This is also commonly referred to as an Employer-specific work permit. Kindly read this blog with attention to know more. 

Canada Work Permit Visa Details:

Each year over 3,00,000 individual applicants are granted permits to work in Canada. Canadian work permits provide foreign job aspirants with a huge opportunity to build a prosperous life. 

    ● A work permit visa allows foreign nationals to work in Canada under the employer they have mentioned in their work permit applications.

    ● It provides foreign workers with the ability to apply for a dependent visa for their dependents. 

    ● Employees can earn dollars and can have a happy life.

    ● It provides them with an opportunity to travel across Canada. 

    ● It also gives them the ability to apply for a PR visa at a later date. 

Different Types Of Work Permits:

There are two types of work permits issued by the government of Canada. Openwork permit and an employer-specific work permit. An open work permit allows foreign nationals to work under any employer. This is not a job-specific visa where you need to mention the job and employer in your work permit applications. On the other hand, an employer-specific work permit visa allows you to work under a specific employer inside Canada. 

Eligibility Criteria For Employer-Specific Work Permit:

There are a number of ways available for you to become eligible for an employer-specific work permit in Canada under Canada’s skilled immigration process. This includes:

    ● Academic credentials of the applicants.

    ● Job applicants who are a part of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program (AIPP).

    ● Spencers, actors, creative artists, professional performers, etc.

    ● Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to expand their projects in Canada.

    ● French-speaking skilled workers.

    ● Intra-company transferees. 

    ● Professional coach, manager, or athlete. 

    ● Provincial nominated applicants who got a job offer from a specific employer.

    ● Religious and charitable workers.

    ● Researchers working in specific Canadian institutions. 

    ● Start-up applicants &

    ● Workers under the federal-provincial agreement. 

If someone belongs to the occupations or professions mentioned above, he or she is not required to have a Labor Market Impact Assessment(LMIA). LIMA is required for those foreign nationals who do not belong to any of the categories listed above. It is the document needed by an employer to hire foreign workers.  LIMA allows foreign workers to become eligible to obtain employer-specific work permits. 

An employer-specific work permit allows foreign workers to work in Canada under certain restrictions. 

    ● The name of the specific employer. Company name, and the contact number of the authority.

    ● The applicants need to mention how long they can work.

    ● You also need to mention the location of your work. 

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