Everything You Need to About Canada PNP Visa in 2022

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Canada PNP Visa 2022: Requirements, Processing Time and Application Procedure

Canada PNP Visa 2022: Requirements, Processing Time and Application Procedure

For people who want to immigrate to a particular Canadian province or territory, the Provincial nominee program(PNP) offers a route to permanent residence in Canada.

Every province and territory in Canada has its own PNP that is tailored to its own economic and demographic requirements.

You must adhere to the guidelines on their website and get in touch with them straight in order to be nominated by a province or territory such as-

    ● British Columbia

    ● Alberta

    ● New Brunswick

    ● Ontario

    ● Manitoba

    ● Newfoundland and Labrador

    ● Nova Scotia

    ● Saskatchewan

    ● Northwest Territories

    ● Yukon

    ● Prince Edward Island

What are the options for The Provincial Nominee Program(PNP)?

When submitting an application through the Canada PNP program, you have two choices:

    ● Paper-based method

    ● Via Express Entry

Paper-based method

Applying to the province or territory for nomination through the non-Express Entry stream is the first step. You will receive a nomination from the province if your occupation is on the list and you meet the eligibility standards and qualify through the specific In-demand Occupation Lists of various provinces. Then you can apply for a PR visa for Canada.

For your PR visa, you will now need to submit a paper application. When compared to the Express Entry system, the processing time is typically lengthier.

Express Entry Program

Two methods exist for applying for a Canada PNP visa:

By getting in touch with the province or territory, you can request a nomination through the Express Entry stream.

You can create an Express Entry profile or edit an existing one if you have one if the province or territory agrees to nominate you.

The alternative is to register for Express Entry and list the provinces or territories you are interested in. You can get in touch with the province if it sends a “notice of interest” and then submit an Express Entry application.

You must fulfill the qualifying requirements in order for your application to be accepted.

What are the Steps in the PNP PR visa application process?

    ● Submit an application in the province or area where you want to live.

    ● If your profile satisfies the requirements, the province could designate you to apply for a PR visa.

    ● After receiving a nomination from a province, apply for your PR visa.

    ● The standards used to judge each province’s PR applications are different.

What Documents will be Needed?

Candidates must exhibit the following in order to apply for the Canadian PNP program:

    ● Current passport and previous travels

    ● Educational background

    ● Professional qualifications

    ● Contemporary medical report

    ● Police clearance document

    ● Other substantiating records

What PNP Is the Best Fit for You?

We are aware that it can be challenging to select the appropriate immigration program for you from the more than 80 PNPs available. It can be difficult to know where to begin because the simplest province in Canada to get PR will often rely on your individual unique profile. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with experienced Canada visa consultants if you have any questions about the PNPs for Canada or other immigration options.

Can you use a PNP to immigrate without a job offer?

There are numerous Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) available for foreign applicants who do not have an employment offer from Canada. These programs often seek out applicants who have the knowledge or professional experience to assist the province in filling demographic or labour market gaps.

What is the Processing Time for a PNP Visa?

The length of the application process determines how quickly the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are processed.

It will take one to two years if your application was submitted through the Non-Express Entry procedure. However, if you use the Express Entry system, it usually takes about six months.

How to find help with a PNP visa requirement or application?

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