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Canada Has Announced Immigration Levels Plan For 2022-2024 To Increase Immigrants With Canada Migration Visas

Canada Has Announced Immigration Levels Plan For 2022-2024 To Increase Immigrants With Canada Migration Visas

The government of Canada has announced immigration level plans for 2022-2024 on 14th March 2022. The plan will allow immigrants to migrate to Canada at a rate of about one percent per year of Canada’s population. The released plan has also revealed that the Canadian government is planning to welcome a total of 4,31,645 permanent residents in the year 2022 and in the year 2023 the government is planning to increase the target goal for permanent residents to 447,055. In addition, Canada is also ready to welcome 15,410 immigrants in the year 2024. Immigration level plans for 2022-2024 focus on an increasing number of immigrants with the support and assistance of the modernized Canadian immigration system. 

The government of Canada has also proposed a comprehensive plan to simplify the entry process of immigrants with Canada migration visas through the modernization of the Canadian immigration system. The modernization will help authorities increase the target ranges based on immigration categories. Kindly go through this blog carefully to know more about the new immigration plan. 

Immigration Levels Plans 2022-2024: An Overview:

    ● The admission of immigrants will amount to 1.14% of the total population by 2024.

    ● The government focuses more on economic growth and development as 60% of admissions will be under the economic class of Canada migration visa

    ● The plan aims to support the vulnerable population by giving permanent residence to refugees working in the healthcare sector during the pandemic. 

    ● The plan will provide support to immigrants through a humanitarian corridor for immigrants facing persecution in their countries. The stream includes human rights defenders in need of protection such as women, journalists, and LGBTQ people. 

    ● The plan will provide permanent status to temporary residents who are already in Canada. The aim is talent retention. 

    ● The plan includes federal skilled worker programs, Federal skilled trades programs, start-up visa programs, and self-employed persons programs. 

    ● The plan also recognizes the importance of family reunification while maintaining the 12 months processing standard for children and spouses.

    ● With this plan, the government of Canada has also established an objective to increase immigration to reach a target of 4.4% French-speaking immigrants by 2023 French-speaking immigrants outside Quebec. 

Immigration Levels Plans 2022-2024: Major Changes:

The new immigration levels plan for 2022-2024 aims to increase temporary and permanent resident pathways throughout the country. The objective of the plan is to increase immigration with an aim to fuel the post-pandemic economic recovery of Canada. The major focus has shifted towards the economic class to increase economic activity while focusing on immigrants facing humanitarian issues due to the global crisis. 

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